Basic Relocation Service

  • First consultation  – to ascertain your specific requirements by  email ( or by phone (+65 9721 8194).  We are happy to follow up by Skype or Face Time to discuss your requirements further and tailor our service accordingly.
  • Advice on desirable areas and environment – clients have found this invaluable as certain areas may sound great but those with local knowledge know that they are not particularly desirable areas to live in, i.e are not in the catchment area for good schools and may not have good amenities close at hand etc.
  • Research of properties  – once ascertaining your requirements, we will carry out extensive searches and provide details of all properties that may be of potential interest for your comments.
  • Provide you with a short-list of appropriate properties for inspection.
  • Appointments will be arranged  to accompany you to view selected properties that are of interest to you. We can view on your behalf if you are unable to do so in person and we will furnish you with extra photos and summary of the property.
  • Provide feedback on short-listed properties.
  • Provide information on short-term accommodation for you to book a guest house or hotel to enable you to view accommodation and familiarize yourself with Singapore before your move.
  • Provide a list of reputable removal firms if required.
  • Provide assistance with form filing rental application for selected property and negotiate with landlord/estate agent or help instructing a lawyer of your choice to submit an offer on a property for sale.
  • Research of area around chosen accommodation and provision of details of leisure activities, medical and dental facilities, school and preschools, information etc

One Off Emergency Property Viewing

In a hurry to get a place while you are still in your home country? Time is a critical factor in securing a property in Singapore as this small island city has an extremely rapid turnover. Hence, we can view the properties on your behalf at a set fee of SGD 250 per property of your choice. We will provide you with further photos , a summary write-up of the property and a recommendation on if its a good option or not.

Basic School Finding Service

Singapore is well known internationally for high standards of education for both international and local school systems. Our role is to help parents to save countless hours of searching through endless websites and not knowing if there is a placement for their children in their home countries.

  1. At the initial consultation, we will ascertain your specific requirements for your school-aged children.
  2. Provide parents with useful background information about Singapore’s education system.
  3. Curriculum offered at international schools and local schools.
  4. Comparison of schools across various criteria.
  5. Provide a short-list of schools for inspection.
  6. Provide preparatory course for admission to government schools if required.

Rent a Residential Address

Digital nomads? Not living in Singapore but require a residential address for your mails? We can help to provide a residential address for clients to maintain a Singapore address for banks, schools or phone companies. We will forward you the mails wherever you are for a monthly fee.